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Aero Enterprises is an aviation service dedicated to the unbiased assessment of aircraft for finance, insurance, litigation, sales, purchase and personal property tax. Our only interest is your aircraft appraisal and/or acquisition. We do not sell or broker aircraft.


USPAP Compliant Appraisals

We are an advocate ONLY of the Appraisal, not of any person or entity.  We maintain our objectivity and are independent appraisers. We have earned the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization designation of PSCA (PAAO Senior Certified Appraiser).

What goes into a Compliant USPAP Appraisal & Report? 

USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) compliance mandates specific information about the subject property to withstand scrutiny by the IRS, lenders, courts, attorneys, CPAs, and other other individuals and entities.

Briefly, the USPAP Compliant Aircraft Appraisal Report prepared by Aero Enterprises will contain substantiated, irrefutable, defensible information you can rely upon.


For Example . . .

  • Summary of facts
  • Scope of work 
  • Extent of research
  • Economic conditions
  • Analysis applied in arriving at opinions or conclusions
  • Depth of onsite inspection
  • Overall condition of aircraft
  • Intended use of the report 
  • Definitions of conditions
  • Methods used for evaluations 
  • Sources contacted 
  • Market conditions
  • Final value summary and reconciliation
  • Appraiser's certifications and qualifications
  • Photographs
  • Certificate of appraisal

Types of Reports (Click links to see report samples)

PAAO Certified USPAP Compliant

PAAO Certified Appraisal

Market Analysis

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