Sample Appraisal Reports


PAAO Certified Appraisal:

To accomplish this type appraisal we will go to the aircraft to do a visual examination. The aircraft's interior and exterior will be thoroughly inspected and graded. The paperwork will be inspected as to accuracy and completeness. The logs will be checked in depth for proper entries and signatures. They will be checked for long periods of time between entries indicating unreported damage. The avionics will be cataloged and valued. All systems i.e. de-ice etc. will be examined and graded. Additional equipment will be valued and or listed. This appraisal will use the PAAO database for valuation of the aircraft.


PAAO Certified/USPAP Compliant Appraisal

The same through inspection procedures described for the PAAO Certified Appraisal are adhered to for the USPAP Compliant Appraisal. This report follows all Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice rules and applicable standards. The report will reflect Fair Market Value, Wholesale Value or Liquidation Value or all three as is required. The value will be determined using the PAAO database, two comparisons, and a printed guide valuation (Bluebook or Vref). Many legal and financial institutions and Governmental agencies require an appraisal report, which complies with these more stringent USPAP standards.


 Market Analysis

This report is generated using information gathered from the client or a third party. It is therefore not considered a "Certified" appraisal. It is however an accurate indicator of the "Fair Market Value" of the aircraft if all information provided is accurate. The appraiser will not do a physical inspection of the aircraft or a research of logbooks and other paperwork  pertaining to the subject aircraft. There is also a disclaimer in the report stating that it is not a "Certified Appraisal." These reports work very well for partnerships and to determine if a Certified report is warranted.

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